Happy Clients

Happy Clients … in their own words
Below are a few of the many stories of healing from happy clients.


Brain Cancer – Cervical Dysplasia -Breast Cancer – Colon Cancer – Diabetes – Sleep Disorders – Depression – Lack of Energy – Thyroid Disease – Weight Loss – Fibromyalgia – Prostate Cancer

Thyroid Back to Normal – Weight Loss!

nancy“Carla Gilmore guided me through a Purium 10 Day Transformation. I am down 14 pounds! In addition to the weight loss, my thyroid numbers have returned to normal.

Working together with the Protandim, I believe it reset my body or cleansed it or maybe even both! No more medication!

Thank you so much, Carla, for your patience, encouragement and for so much of your time. You truly care for people.”

~Nancy G – NPR FL

jennaCervical Dysplasia Gone!
“I met with Carla approximately 5 months ago. I was diagnosed with Cervical Dysplasia (pre-cancerous cells) and it was recommended that I get surgery to remove the abnormal cells. I met with Carla and decided to follow an alkaline diet, purchased an AlkaPurity HD water ionizer, and supplemented with greens. I went back in for my four month test and not only has my condition gotten better, but the doctors did not see any sign of anything abnormal remaining in my cervix. As a side benefit, I also lost 20 pounds, and have a lot more energy. My joint pain and restless leg syndrome are gone, and my allergies have been completely eliminated. My husband followed the same plan and lost 10 lbs, gave up coffee completely (previously 3-5 cups per day) has more energy, no more arthritis and has not had any back pain since starting this plan.

Carla has such a gentle nature to her and she genuinely wants to help people. The excitement she gets when she is able to treat someone using natural methods shows that she is in this for the right reasons and truly has her patients’ best interests at heart. I have referred several individuals to Carla and will continue to do so. I’m so grateful I met her and am excited that she’s teaching me how to take my health into my own hands.”

~ Jenna R. – Lutz FL

Off all of my medications!
In 2007, Don was on 12 medications per day. He had a high PSA of 10.3, digestive problems, could not sleep without meds, had dementia, extreme back and leg pain, high blood pressure and cholesterol, and was suffering from severe dehydration, acidosis and some depression.

After just 7 months of working with Carla, Don was off all his medications! His PSA is now down to a healthy 0.03 and he is feeling better that he has in years.

Don’s doctors say he has the blood of a 35 year old man and needs zero pharmaceuticals. That’s pretty great — since he is only 87 years old!

~ Congratulations Don – Hudson FL

tinaWeight Loss and Amazing Energy!
“I have fought with my weight for years and have tried every program out there only to fall flat on my face. Despite my daily gym visits and always watching what I ate, I would still gain weight and eventually I was diagnosed with low thyroid and placed on a daily does of medication. My family has also been stricken with the cancer bug first my father now my brother so I felt its only a matter of time before my health will get worse and I did not want to be on medications!

Then I met Carla!
She told me what she thought would help me which was a Purium 10 Day Transformation Cleanse. I researched this through and through, because that’s just what I do, and what I found was astonishing. I purchased my cleanse and did my own 10 Day Transformation and added an additional 5 days just because after day #10, I actually missed it! I lost a total of 10 lbs and 11 1/2 inches over all — and I feel like I’ve dropped 20 years off my life! My energy is just amazing! I surprise myself everyday. Thank you Carla for changing my life into a healthy clean life!”

~Tina N. – Menominee MI

markBrain Cancer Gone!
“I met Carla Gilmore almost five years ago after my Mother was diagnosed with Breast Cancer. Carla helped my mom through chemotherapy. Carla set her up with a health and nutrition regimen that I believe gave my mother the strength to fight the cancer and finally beat it.

I found out I had brain cancer. The doctors told me it was inoperable. I was only 52 years old, but after seeing my mom beat cancer, I thought, why can’t I? So I called Carla. I live in Miami but knew that I needed to work with her, so I made the five hour drive every four weeks for the first three months to meet with her. I also had phone sessions with her in between visits. She was there for me every step of the way!

Carla had me on a powerful Hemp Oil, Purium Super Green Foods, Protandim and lots of Alkaline Water. I was also on a special diet and detoxification protocols. I had periodic Blood Analysis to track and verify how well the protocol was working for me. We had to tweak things a bit as I got better and stronger. Getting ongoing verification of improvement was important to me — as I didn’t have time to waste on guessing. I was so encouraged to see with my own eyes how much better my blood looked — and so were my doctors! I continued to meet with my doctors and to have my blood tests and brain scans during the process.

I am so excited to say that I am now Cancer Free!! I will continue to stay on my wellness program until Carla gives me the okay to make some adjustments.

All I can say to all who are reading this is … Don’t ever give up! Thank you Carla for helping me give my body what it needed to do its job of healing the brain cancer. Bless you.”

~ Mark W. – Miami FL

cathyBreast Cancer
“I met Carla Gilmore in May of 2000. I had just been diagnosed with stage 3 Breast Cancer. She was so kind and understanding. She made me feel like I could overcome almost anything, and I did.

After following her suggestion to alkalize my body with food and juices, exercise and detoxing, I was cancer free after just seven months! My doctors were so surprised at my progress. Carla helped me to understand that it is the body that heals when it is given what it needs to do so. Thank you Carla for helping me to move ahead with my life — Cancer Free!”

~ Cathy M. – Clearwater FL

rossDiabetes and Colon Cancer
“After being diagnosed with colon cancer and diabetes, I heard about Carla through a friend of mine. I called Carla and she started working with me right away. She had me juicing and detoxing on day one. I had never even heard the word alkaline, but after three months, I was loving my new alkaline lifestyle and feeling better than I had in 10 years.

It’s been two years now and I am getting better every day. My doctors tell me that if I continue to do what I am doing, they may not need to operate to remove my colon!

Oh, I almost forgot, I have not had to take insulin for my diabetes since week three of the program that Carla put me on. I would recommend her to anyone struggling with a health issue.”

~ Ross A. – St. Petersburg FL


Prostate Cancer Gone!
“I first met Carla Gilmore after being diagnosed with Prostate Cancer. After speaking with my doctors, I decided to try a more natural approach for my healing and asked them if they would follow along with me and keep running tests to track my progress. They agreed.

Carla opened up a whole new way of life for me. I didn’t even know what the “Alkaline harold2Living” way of life even meant. As I incorporated drinking Alkaline Water and my new wellness protocol, I began to notice an improvement right away. I was even running marathons and triathlons again! And at age 73, that’s pretty exciting.

After receiving the results from my last biopsy, my doctor told me THE CANCER WAS GONE! He also said he had never seen that happen before in his practice.

I feel like I have a new lease on life now and am so thankful for Carla and everything she has done to help me reach my wellness goals. I will be telling everyone what a great coach and teacher she has been for me. From the bottom of my heart, thank you Carla.”

~ Harold S. – FL

ronandlauraChanged Our Lives !
“Carla Gilmore, meeting you has changed our lives for the better, in so many many ways. From your positive outlook to your wonderful sharing of life giving secrets, because of you we are so health conscious. Thanks to you we have become so focused on nutrition as a health alternative as opposed to the American status quo prescribed mantra of, buy a pill to quell your ills ….. get addicted, better still. We really have benefitted immensely by your consul and friendship. We could never thank you enough for what your beautiful spirit has done to uplift us in the down moments. We pray that God brings you the immense success and happiness that you deserve. We love you.”

~Rob and Laura – Ozona, FL

karenWeight Loss!
“After being overweight for most of my life due to poor diet and zero exercise, changing my diet and lifestyle was not easy at first, but soon after I started to work with Carla, I found a new way of living that has been very exciting.

The longer I was on the Alkaline Diet, the better I felt and the more I wanted to keep doing it. Not only did the weight start to fall off, but I noticed more energy, better sleep and improved skin tone. I look and feel younger. I love my new life. Thanks Carla.”

~ Karen B. – Utah

sarahFibromyalgia, Depression, Sleep Disorders and Weight Loss!
“Ever since the day I met Carla Gilmore, my life has changed for the better. I’ve wasted a lot of time and money trying to find products for weight loss, sleep disorders, depression and most of all fibromyalgia. I no longer need medications for these health issues! Carla has 30 years of research in her field and I trust her to answer my health questions rather than the questionable information on the internet. I am sharing my success with everyone I can. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain! Thank you Carla, for helping me get my life back the natural healthy way. God Bless.”

~ Sarah M. – FL

keriAn Answer to Prayer!
“10 years ago, I was diagnosed with thyroid disease, and I was pretty sure the sudden onset of symptoms had something to do with heavy metal toxicity. My doctors dismissed my concerns and I spent the next few years with continual visits to a specialist, blood monitoring and variations in dose and types of pharmaceuticals. Doctors were never able to regulate my levels and I eventually allowed them to destroy my thyroid. While I knew this was not the option I was looking for, I had tried everything I knew about and was not getting better.

I stabilized after the radiation but continued to have autoimmune symptoms of physical pain, insomnia, chronic systemic inflammation and chronic fatigue. My doctors told me I was healthy, responding well to treatment and should try better lifestyle habits. As a medical professional myself, I knew there was more happening in my body than the doctors were seeing.

After years of searching and much prayer I was led to Carla. I overheard her speaking to a friend and knew right off she had something I had been looking for. She is the real deal. She is a true medical professional filled with knowledge, research, experience and compassion. She has a genuine desire to share what she has learned to help others get well.

There was no ‘sales pitch’, product pushing, or get well scheme. It was true science and actual evidence-based results. Carla analyzed my blood and confirmed everything I had suspected was happening in my body. What a relief to finally see tangible evidence of the symptoms I had been trying to explain to doctors for more than a decade!

She recommend Purium’s 10 Day Transformation to begin to cleanse my body of all the toxicity I had been suffering followed by an alkaline diet. Within the first few days, I began sleeping through the night! The detox broke my sugar and caffeine dependencies, something I had been trying to do for months. I’ve lost 10 pounds and am already craving healthy nutrient rich foods over the processed junk I was so attracted to. I’m still new in this journey and have not fully recovered, however my blood work shows definite improvement and I am feeling a little better each day. It’s a major lifestyle change that will take some getting used to, but I am deeply grateful to finally be on the right track.”

~ Keri Thompson LMT MA – FL

deannaI’m only 44, so why was I so tired all the time?
“I have always had a pretty stressful life, but it got to the point where I was sleeping way too much every day. To others, I looked healthy at 5 ft, 100 pounds. I went to the gym for an hour assessment, where I was told I was in pretty good shape and doing pretty well. Then, I asked, why do I need to sleep so much?

Carla is all about the alkaline life, but who has time to juice every day, numerous times a day? I was already consuming a green drink every day but it was not working very well.

deanna2When Carla did a live and dried Blood Analysis, my blood was hardly moving like live blood should. However, the parasites … boy they were busy! The Live Blood Analysis picture on the left was before I started to work with Carla. Terrible ‘Blood Sludge’. The picture on the right shows a great difference, floating healthy, alkaline oxygen rich and well fed cells with very few parasites! Guess how long that took? 10 DAYS! AND I’m sleeping a healthy 8 hours a night now!

I’m so thankful for what I’ve learned from Carla. I’ve also met others she has helped become cancer free. AMAZING! I thank God for Carla and the knowledge I now have to continue my healthy way of life.”

~ Deanna H. – FL

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