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Weight Loss and Amazing Energy!

Tina_Nast_photo“I have fought with my weight for years and have tried every program out there only to fall flat on my face. Despite my daily gym visits and always watching what I ate I would still gain weight and eventually I was diagnosed with low thyroid and placed on a daily does of medication. My family has also been stricken with the cancer bug first my father now my brother so I felt its only a matter of time before my health will get worse and I did not want to be on medications!

Then I met Carla!  What an amazing lady with an amazing product.

Carla performed a blood analysis on me only to confirm my fears, my blood was full of crap!  She told me what she thought would help me which was a Purium 10 Day Transformation Cleanse. I researched this through and through because that’s just what I do and what I found was astonishing. I purchased my cleanse and did my own 10 Day Transformation and added an additional 5 days because after I was finished with it, I actually missed it! I lost a total of 10 lbs and 11.5 inches overall.  I feel like I dropped 20 years off my age!  My energy is just amazing!  I surprise myself everyday.  Thank you Carla for changing my life into a healthy clean life!”

~Tina N. Menominee, MI

Weight loss, better sleep and skin!

Weight-Loss~~element86“After being overweight for most of my life due to poor diet and zero exercise, changing my diet and lifestyle was not easy at first, but soon after I started to work with Carla, I found a new way of living that has been very exciting.

The longer I was on the Alkaline Diet, the better I felt and the more I wanted to keep doing it. Not only did the weight start to fall off, but I noticed more energy, better sleep and improved skin tone.  I look and feel younger. I love my new life. Thanks Carla!”

~ Karen B., Utah



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