IV Therapy Pricing and Packages

IV Therapy Pricing and Packages

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All Vitamin IV treatments include a FREE BEMER and Biomat session!

When beginning your IV treatments, it is recommended you start with the Meyer’s cocktail treatment. After your first session you may continue with the Meyers or a customized solution can be created to meet your individual needs.

(Note:  You Must be a client of LAL SPA to be administered High Dose Vitamin C IV treatments and or customized IV Solutions, but you do not need to be an existing client to be administered the Myer’s cocktail.  Call 727-238-8908 now to become a LAL Wellness Spa Client to receive discounts on all Services!)

IV Nutrition Therapy

Myers Cocktail with Glutathione

A Myers Cocktail infusion is a concoction of vital vitamins and nutrients including; magnesium, B-1, B-2, B-3, B-5, B-6, B-12, vitamin C, Calcium Gluconate and Glutathione.  Glutathione  can help prevent anemia and improve blood flow.  All these vitamins are essential to our health and provide great benefits to our bodies!

  • $115.00 per session

High Dose Vitamin C with Sodium Bi-carbonate

This Vitamin IV delivers a high dose of vitamin C to help build the body’s immunity as well as assist in apoptosis of unhealthy cells.  Also included in this IV is Sodium Bi-carbonate which can help the Vitamin C absorb better as well as lower the acidity to create a more alkaline environment.

  •  $195.00 per session

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