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The Dangers of EMF, Electromagnetic Fields on your health.

The 21st century has given us advanced technology that 50 years ago would only be seen on the TV show Star Trek. Most of us would never have believed we would carry a computer in our pocket that would allow us to communicate to anyone anywhere in the world 24/7. We couldn’t have guessed that a TV could be Smart and that people could actually see us, (spy) through that TV!

Technology has brought with it a convenience that now no one wants to live without! Unfortunately, this technology has it’s dangers and if we don’t pay attention to those dangers, we will be effected in ways that will dramatically and negatively effect our health. Wireless devices like cell phones, smart TV’s, computers, laptops, cordless phones, blue tooth devices and your beloved microwave ovens are slowly but surly damaging our DNA.

There are many researchers around the world that have studied the effects of these harmful EMF’s and have been sounding the alarm but few government agencies or technological companies are listening to their warnings! We as a human race have been bombarded by thousands of man made chemicals that have been sprayed on our foods, injected into our livestock and given to us through vaccines. This has put a heavy burden on our bodies and pushed them to the point of rapid aging and disease.

The radiation from your cell phone has the power to vibrate molecules in the human body and alter the the chemical bonds that hold molecules together damaging the cells and causing them to divide and misbehave. The Smart Meters are literally creating an electromagnetic smog and with televisions, radios WI-Fi’s and cordless phone frequencies we are literally being microwaved. All of this EMF smog is causing health problems because radiation has cumulative effects on people and animals.

Some will notice very quickly like the elderly and those who’s health is already compromised, but others may not notice the damaging effects for some time. Symptoms like Tinnitus, vertigo, blurred vision, fatigue, nose bleeds, skin rashes, numbness, muscle pain, headaches, insomnia, autism, alzheimer’s, cancer, asthma, memory loss, confusion, sleep disorders, irritability, aggression, heart palpitations and shortness of breath are just a few possible physical side effects that can be attributed to EMF poisoning.

I myself had an extreme reaction after the power company put a Smart Meter on my house. I did not have wireless installed in my house because I had already been researching on the dangers of different radiations and frequency and having had cancer many years prior, did not want to put myself at risk anymore than necessary. Within days of my Smart Meter being installed I woke up feeling horrible. I literally felt like gravity was pushing my body down to the ground. I was nauseous and dizzy and felt like I was about to pass out! I literally had to craw to the other side of the house to my home office where I have my microscope.

I took a blood sample and my worse fears were revealed. All of my blood cells had taken a form of Rouleau. This is where the blood cells stack together like coins, one on top of another. Where cells stick together like that, they can no longer carry the oxygen molecules nor can they expel acid waste products. I was being poisoned and suffocated by this heavy EMF exposure!

Do you or someone you know have new or unexplained health issues? Did it coincide with the installation of a smart meter, TV or smart appliance? As a Nutritional Microscopist, I understand how important it is for the cells of the body to have a healthy membrane. EMF radiations have the ability to alter our cells functions by damaging the integrity of the outer membrane. We are electrical humans and the electrical energy is what allows the nutritional particles to enter the cell and the waste products to be released so that our cells function as they should to keep us healthy.

Unhealthy EMF’s alter this natural activity by hindering proper flow of this healthy communication within the body. So how can you help to protect yourself from these damaging EMF’s? There are many protective products on the market now. First, if you don’t have a Smart Meter on your house, Secure a wire cage around it so the power company can’t replace it with the smart meter. If you already have one on your house you can make or buy a wire box to put around it to help block some of the radiation. Unplug and remove the microwave! Use salt rocks and other healthy mineral rocks around your house to ease the burden on your body. Wear radiation devices on your body and put protective screens on your computers and laptops. You can now buy phone cases that block cell phone radiation. Do not keep electronics in your bedroom! This is so important because your body heals at night when you sleep and if you have electronics or cell phones within 20 feet of your bed, your body will not fall into the deepest REM sleep and you will not heal during the night as you are suppose to.

Last but not least, go back to hard wire in your home. Wireless is a luxury that is killing us one cell at a time. Purchase a long Ethernet cable if you need to use your laptop in other rooms away from your router. One more VERY IMPORTANT suggestion. Don’t let children use these devices for hours on end. Long term exposure is very dangerous for their developing brain and can also cause them to become sterile. Use protection on all your electronic devices. I also recommend using the Bemer Mat to help regulate your bodies frequencies and insure your cells get the oxygen they need to function as they are designed to do There is so much more to learn about this enveloping danger of EMF’s.

One of my favorite books on the subject is EMF Freedom by Elizabeth Plourde Ph.D. I will be adding more information on the dangers of Electromagnetic Fields soon. Until then, take care and may God give you wisdom and health.

Carla Gilmore CNM CNC CHC Love Alkaline Living Wellness & Spa

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