Water water everywhere … but which ones should we drink?

Water is second only to oxygen as the most important nutrient you can put into your body.

I see the cellular change in the blood cells as I examine blood under a microscope almost everyday.
It’s very important to note that all water is not the same. As almost all of our water sources are contaminated with chemicals, heavy metals and pharmaceuticals. Carcinogens like chromium-6 are now being found in water sources throughout the country.
Almost all bottled water sources have contaminants in them. If they are purified waters most of those are put in plastic bottles which are made from petroleum products and will leach into the water a gas that is a carcinogen which you ingest when you drink from the bottle.
Even bottled alkaline water is for the most part produced by Electric Ionizers which do not have the ability to reduce these heavy metals and carcinogens. In fact ingesting electrically created alkaline water can actually increase the dangers of these water’s because the heavy metals actually bind to calcium molecules and then are disguised in the antioxidant rich water cluster, which the body then receives happily.
It’s the Trojan Horse principle unfortunately.
I am always reading and studying water, the chemicals found in our water sources as well as bottled waters. We must all take responsibility and protect ourselves and those we love from harmful water sources.
I believe the alkaline water system that we offer at our clinic and from our website is the the most effective water filtration system that I have been able to find on the market.
I am so confident about our systems and our water that we offer it free for 2 weeks for anyone who would like to experience the benefits of this water for themselves.
Feel free to bring a sample of the water that you drink into the clinic and we will show you the difference!
Happy hydrating everyone!

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